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Anasayfa English Books Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 (Light Novel) Vol. 7

Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 (Light Novel) Vol. 7

Fiyatı: 465.08TL
  • Kod:
  • Ağırlık:
    0.346 Kg
Syougo Kinugasa
  • Bookbinding:
  • Pages:
  • :
    Syougo Kinugasa
  • :
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A TALE OF TWO CAFÉS It’s time for the school’s first-ever Cultural Festival! Some refuse to participate, but the rest of Ayanokouji’s class secretly works to build the maid café of their dreams. Ryuuen realizes what they’re up to and declares war, forcing a head-to-head battle to see which café is more profitable. But as this goes on…what business does Ayanokouji have with Kanzaki and President Nagumo? Series Overview: As Ayanokouji and his classmates begin their second year at the Advanced Nurturing High School, they’re greeted by a fresh gauntlet of exams and a fresh batch of rather unique first-year students. They’ll have to get to know each other quickly, because the first special exam pairs the first-years with the second-years on a written test—with only the second-years facing expulsion if their team performs poorly! Worse yet? It seems one of the new first-years is also from the White Room. Can Ayanokouji avoid expulsion while sussing out the identity of this hidden foe?