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My Family and Other Ghosts

Цена: 13.90лв.
Тегло: 0.300 кг
Код: 9781407178417

Lou Kuenzler

Тип корица: Мека
Страници: 256
Автор: Lou Kuenzler
Размер: 13x19.8
Дата на издаване: 01/08/2019
Език: английски
10 year old twins Ivy and Ash didn't expect to be visited by the ghost of their Grandpa Digby (who they've never met) on a stormy night. They definitely didn't expect him to announce that they have a home in Darkmoor (VERY different to Dartmoor), and that he wants them to come and run it as a hotel. They persuade their dad, an 'experimental' chef, to move to Grave Grange, a crumbling-down higgledy-piggeldy hotel, but decide not to mention that it's VERY haunted. As they try and save the hotel, chaos ensues, and soon they must save their new spooky friends or risk losing their home for good...
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