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My Hero Academia, Vol. 15

Цена: 14.90лв.
Тегло: 0.300 кг
Код: 9781974701001

Kohei Horikoshi

Тип корица: Мека
Страници: 192
Автор: Kohei Horikoshi
Размер: 12.7 x 19 cm
Дата на издаване: 2/10/2018
Език: Английски
A new and sinister enemy appears in the form of Chisaki Kai, the young leader of the Hassaikai yakuza gang. Looking to fill the power vacuum left by All For One, Chisaki makes contact with the League of Villains to gain possible support. When a chance run-in with a scared little girl brings Midoriya and his mentor Mirio face-to-face with Chisaki, none of them have any idea how much their lives are about to change…
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