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The Art of Magic The Gathering - Innistrad

Цена: 58.00лв.
Тегло: 1.000 кг
Код: 9781421587806

James Wyatt

Тип корица: Твърда
Страници: 224
Автор: James Wyatt
Размер: 25,4 x 28,6 cm
Дата на издаване: 28/07/2916
Език: Английски
Terror falls from the skies on blood-spattered wings, and nameless horrors lurk in the shadows. These pages, lavishly illustrated with the award-winning art of Magic: The Gathering (TM), are your entry into a world beset by terrible evils on all sides and betrayed by the hope it held most dear. Tread lightly as you follow the heroic Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch as they investigate these dark mysteries, for the nightmare they will uncover is a threat to the whole Multiverse. The mysteries of Innistrad-its peoples, provinces, and monsters-await your arrival. But be careful as you peer into the darkness, for you might find something staring back.
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