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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown (Book 13)

Цена: 22.00лв.
Тегло: 0.300 кг
Код: 9780141378206

Jeff Kinney

Тип корица: Твърда
Страници: 224
Автор: Jeff Kinney
Размер: 14 x 21 cm
Дата на издаване: 30/10/2018
Език: Английски
When snow shuts down Greg Heffley's middle school, his neighbourhood transforms into a wintry battlefield.

Rival groups fight over territory, build massive snow forts, and stage epic snowball fights.

And in the crosshairs are Greg and his trusty best friend, Rowley Jefferson. It's a fight for survival as Greg and Rowley navigate alliances, betrayals, and warring gangs in a neighbourhood meltdown.

When the snow clears, will Greg and Rowley emerge as heroes? Or will they even survive to see another day?
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