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Rough Guide to Digital Photography

Цена: 17.90лв.
  • Код:
  • Тегло:
    0.486 кг
Sophie Goldsworthy
  • Тип корица:
  • Страници:
  • Автор:
    Sophie Goldsworthy
  • Размер:
    17.8 x 1.6 x 17.9 cm
  • Дата на издаване:
  • Език:

Няма наличност. Поръчки ще се приемат след получаване на нов внос.



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"The Rough Guide to Digital Photography" tells you everything you need to know to maximise the quality and impact of your pictures offline, online and from a mobile phone. With tips on composition and technique, editing quick fixes, and cool things to do with photos, this essential handbook is the ultimate digital photography book for a truly digital era. Helping make sense of the mass of online options in an ever-changing digital age the book covers everything, from photo sharing and street photography to hosting and creating blogs, to mash-ups and slideshows. Taking a practical look at the many image tools available, it will show you how to learn the rules of composition, and then how to break them, plus how to harness the power of the digital darkroom, and how to create images that will impress your friends. Whether you're new to photography, want to get the best out of your cameraphone, or are a dedicated amateur with an SLR, "The Rough Guide to Digital Photography" will help you make the most of your pictures offline, online and on the move. Make the most of your camera with "The Rough Guide to Digital Photography".

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