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0 артикула

Calling of the Grave

Цена: 16.90лв.
  • Код:
  • Тегло:
    0.300 кг
Simon Beckett
  • Тип корица:
  • Страници:
  • Автор:
    Simon Beckett
  • Размер:
    11 x 3 x 17.8 cm
  • Дата на издаване:
  • Език:

Няма наличност. Поръчки ще се приемат след получаване на нов внос.



Добави в желани
'At first glance it could have been anything - a stone, a knotted root - until you looked more closely. Thrusting out of the wet earth, its bones visible through rags of flesh, was a decomposing hand...'

Eight years ago they found the body buried on the moor. They were certain that it was one of Jerome Monk's teenage victims. Which left two more to find.

But the search ended badly and, with Monk safely behind bars, the momentum faltered. For forensics expert David Hunter and the rest of the recovery team, life moved on. And the dead were left undisturbed.

But now a nightmare scenario unfurls. Monk has escaped and seems to be targeting anyone involved in that original ill-fated operation.

As the maniac's violent trail edges ever closer, Hunter realises that nothing now - or then - is quite what it seems. And that the past is anything but dead and buried...

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