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Код: 9788897487111
Crumpled City Junior: new in the series of the Crumpled City family, the unique and indestructible maps that won’t need to get folded!

Made of a special material, they’re just perfect for the Juniors: they’re soft, extremely light, ultra resistant and 100% waterproof. They can be handed roughly as well as crumpled up into a ball and chucked away in a rucksack, without the worry of folding them.

Crumpled City Junior Maps come with ingenious illustrations making them easy to look up as well as captivating to the eyes of the youngsters.

Rich in information, each map features several not-to-be-missed Junior spots.

Such “unmissable” top places were selected thanks to the help of “special on location correspondents” who have turned these maps into up-to-date tools that make traveling come alive.

At last! A map carefully thought out for kids and their families.
Върни До Горе