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Home English Books Cookery God of War: The Official Cookbook Of The Nine Realms

God of War: The Official Cookbook Of The Nine Realms

Price: 52.90lv.
  • Code:
  • Weight:
    1.084 Kgs
Victoria Rosenthal ,Rick Barba
  • Bookbinding:
    Hard cover
  • Pages:
  • Author:
    Victoria Rosenthal ,Rick Barba
  • Dimensions:
  • Publication date:
  • Language:


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Explore the culinary delights of God of War as you travel across the nine realms. Enter the world of Santa Monica Studio's beloved video game franchise with God of War: The Official Cookbook. This cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the nine realms Kratos and his son Atreus travel through in 2018's Game of the Year, God of War. Craft mouthwatering dishes from the Norse realms of Midgard, Alfheim, Joetunheim, and beyond as you explore the food of this striking game. With step-by-step instructions and full-color photos, this cookbook will guide and inspire fans on their culinary quest through the nine realms. * Perfect for every home cook. With step-by-step directions and beautiful photos, take your own journey across the lush culinary landscape of God War with creative dishes inspired by the iconic locations visited by your favorite characters. The easily accessible directions give you everything you need to travel across the nine realms, whether you are a mere fledgling kitchen adventurer or a seasoned culinary god. * Recipes for every step of your journey. From quick snacks you can enjoy before heading into battle to decadent desserts and meals fit for divine tastebuds, this book contains recipes for both simple and celebratory fare. Plan your own celebration fit for the gods-or just bring some fresh-baked dwarven bread to your neighbor-this tome has everything you need to plan your own culinary adventure. * A stunning addition to your collection. This exquisitely detailed hardcover book is the perfect acquisition for your kitchen library-a must-have treasured artifact for every God of War fan.