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Home English Books Comics and graphic novels Batman: The Deluxe Edition Book 6

Batman: The Deluxe Edition Book 6

Price: 68.00lv.
  • Code:
  • Weight:
    1.100 Kgs
Tom King, Mitch Gerads (Illustrated by)
  • Bookbinding:
    Hard cover
  • Pages:
  • Author:
    Tom King, Mitch Gerads (Illustrated by)
  • Dimensions:
  • Publication date:
  • Language:


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The ultimate fight for the cape and cowl! Batman: The Deluxe Edition Book 6 collects Tom King's thrilling tales of the battle between father-and-son, Batman calling out Bane, and a desperate race to save humanity! Now that Batman has escaped the “Knightmares,” he’s starting to see the forces rallying against him-and that his father from another universe has joined the other side. The Caped Crusader finally digs into the mystery of how Thomas Wayne, a.k.a. the Flashpoint Batman, escaped the collapse of his dimension and ended up in this part of the Multiverse. In the quest to get Bruce Wayne to hang up the cape and cowl, Thomas Wayne is going to have to use a little tough love. Only, not all the muscle behind it will be his own. It’s Bruce Wayne versus Thomas Wayne, and all of Gotham City hangs in the balance! Discover the "City of Bane" as Batman is nowhere to be found...or at least not a Batman anyone recognizes. It'll take a familiar face to bring the Dark Knight back to Gotham—and it's Selina Kyle who holds the key. Will Batman be able to take down Bane's army and reclaim his city? How will Flashpoint Batman be vanquished from this dimension?