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Home English Books Fiction When You Call My Name

When You Call My Name

Price: 33.90lv.
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    0.413 Kgs
Tucker Shaw
  • Bookbinding:
    Hard cover
  • Pages:
  • Author:
    Tucker Shaw
  • Dimensions:
  • Publication date:
  • Language:


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Adam is seventeen and being asked out on his first date—and the boy is cute. Heart racing, Adam accepts, quickly falling in love with Callum like the movies always promised.

Ben is eighteen and his mother has just kicked him out after discovering his stash of gay magazines. But in New York City, Ben’s sexuality begins to feel less like a secret and more like a badge of honor.

Then Callum disappears, leaving Adam heartbroken, and Ben realizes his new world is more close-minded than he thought. When Adam finds Callum, he learns the boy he loves will die. And in a chance meeting on the Christopher Street piers, Ben and Adam fall into each other's orbit, opening their eyes and hearts to the possibilities of gay love and life.

A love letter to New York, 90s culture, and the liberating power of queer friendship, When You Call My Name is a hopeful story about finding the people who can really see you—in all your messy glory.