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A Single Thread of Moonlight

Price: 18.00lv.
Weight: 0.360 Kgs
Code: 9780702303234

Laura Wood

Bookbinding: Paperback
Pages: 356
Author: Laura Wood
Dimensions: 13.3x21
Publication date: 07/10/2021
Language: английски


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ris Grey's childhood was idyllic... until her father remarried.
Iris's new stepmother and two stepsisters were cold-hearted
schemers, and when her father dies in mysterious circumstances,
Iris knows that something is wrong. Far too spirited
to be forced into a life of servitude, she runs away to London.

When she crosses paths with handsome, clever and cold
Nicholas Wynter, Iris realises that this is her moment for
revenge. Together they plot the downfall of their enemies - but
the pair begin to find they have more in common than a desire for

Will their spark burn bright or will it be extinguished
in the flames of their ambition?
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