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The Complete Illustrated Works of Oscar Wilde

Цена: 24.00лв.
Тегло: 0.900 кг
Код: 9780753724781
Тип корица: Твърда
Страници: 864
Автор: Oscar Wilde
Размер: 15.6 x 4.4 x 22 cm
Дата на издаване: 9/08/2013
Език: Английски
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This exclusive edition contains Oscar Wilde's complete stories, plays and poems, together with their original illustrations.

His novel, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, greeted on publication by a protest at its 'immoral' subject matter, is an ominous and fascinating story.

Also included are the elegant, sparklingly witty dramas for which Wilde is best known, such as The Importance of Being Earnest and Lady Windemere's Fan.

In addition, this volume gathers together all his poetry; his delightful collection of fairy tales, The Happy Prince and Other Stories and his witty, sophisticated stories such as Lord Athur Savile's Crime.
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