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The Times Desktop Atlas of the World (4th Edition)

Цена: 49.90лв.
Тегло: 0.773 кг
Код: 9780008104986
Тип корица: Твърда
Страници: 240
Размер: 19,2 x 25 cm
Дата на издаване: 7/05/2015
Език: Английски
An excellent world atlas for every day use at home or work, representing broad coverage at a great price. Clear, authoritative Times atlas mapping fully updated.
This new edition of the Times Desktop Atlas of the World has been fully revised to bring all the maps and geographical information completely up-to-date.

Detailed maps in the distinctive and respected Times style provide balanced, systematic coverage of all parts of the world. Each continent is introduced by a political map showing individual countries, followed by regional maps showing towns and cities, roads, railways, international boundaries and topography.

• Authoritative updated Times mapping of the whole world.
• Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for the world’s states and territories.
• Statistics and world maps on major geographical themes, including population, cities, climate, the environment and telecommunications.
• Unique 16 pages full of thousands of world facts and figures.
• Over 25,000 index entries.

As with all the atlases in the Times range it offers great authority, outstanding quality and attention to detail.


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