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Creative Haven: Beautiful Butterfly Designs

Цена: 15.90лв.
Тегло: 0.227 кг
Код: 9780486494562

Jessica Mazurkiewicz

Тип корица: Мека
Страници: 64
Автор: Jessica Mazurkiewicz
Размер: 21,6 x 27,9 cm
Дата на издаване: 26/12/2014
Език: Английски


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One of the most breathtaking creatures in nature, the butterfly has gone through a metamorphosis and emerged here as an abstract image of graphic design — with dazzling results! Thirty-one illustrations of winged beauties are set against a variety of patterns that are inspired by textile designs: tulips, daffodils, roses, and bamboo, as well as waves, crescents, geometric shapes, and more. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Beautiful Butterfly Designs and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.
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